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“Virgo” deployment of Shenzhen

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Yesterday, Star Cruises “virgin” from Shenzhen Shekou Prince Edward Bay cruise home port of voyage, and held a grand sailing ceremony to celebrate the “Virgo” to create a home port of Shenzhen cruise routes, officially unveiled the new era of the cruise ship in Shenzhen Chapter. From now on, “Virgo” launched six days and five nights route, visit Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang, to lead visitors to a world-class cruise destination.

Star Cruises Helps Develop Cruise Industry in

Shenzhen Port of Prince Edward Bay Cruise Port as the first wholly-owned investment in Shekou, the home port of the cruise project is currently the only dock can be 220,000-ton cruise ship world-class cruise terminal. Star Cruises will be the most popular in southern China’s current cruise – “Virgo” deployment to the Shenzhen Bay as the home port of Prince Edward, with its highly respected operating experience in the industry and solid strength, and with the modernization of equipment and supporting sound Port-au-Prince cruise terminal, to build a “terminal consumer circle.” At the same time, will also promote the cruise economy and related industries in Shenzhen, help enhance the Gulf of Prince Edward “international gateway” influence, together to create high-end cruise industry in Shenzhen eco-circle, for more Pearl River Delta travelers’ Quality cruise experience at the door.

“New freedom, you decide” brand-new concept to create a new cruise experience

Star Cruises has always been committed to providing the best quality of service and beyond the expectations of visitors. To this end, Star Cruises devaluation of the “new freedom by you,” the concept of cruise tourism, to bring this innovative city of Shenzhen. Abandon the traditional cruise shenzhen massage activities, “Virgo” in Shenzhen will open a different cruise games are played, so that visitors according to their own preferences to design the most suitable for their cruise holiday. As a leader in the industry, Star Cruises is pleased to bring cruise ship 4.0 times a new concept for the people of Shenzhen to enjoy a comprehensive upgrade of the cruise, free to create the most memorable journey.

The new concept will be launched from the first day of the voyage, allowing passengers to make their own arrangements for all catering, entertainment, retail, beauty and massage, as well as shore sightseeing experience. Enjoy your own journey and enjoy the full freedom and freedom , Use the amount of consumption on board, to create a completely personal experience of pleasure at sea.

From November 13 until the end of the year, Virgo will carry out five-day voyages to Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang in Vietnam, as well as a weekend voyage in Hong Kong designed to allow more Shenzhen citizens to experience the cruise. Star “will add two major destinations in Danang and Halong, focusing on the operation of Vietnam’s four-night and five-night voyage, led the people of Shenzhen and the region,” the door “departure, eliminating the traditional way of traveling travel fatigue, Vietnam to achieve the depth of the four ace scenic spots.

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6,000 pieces of innovative designs show at Shenzhen

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6, 2016 Fourth Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 2, the official opening. The total exhibition area is 15,000 square meters, with 234 well-known design institutes and enterprises exhibiting in China, the United States, Germany, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Japan. , South Korea, Italy, Canada, more than 30 countries and regions more than 6,000 pieces of innovative design quality.

Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition to the Internet, intelligent production, product innovation, data processing as the benchmark, bringing together the world’s top innovative design resources, this year will bring 22 new global design platform and release. Achieve the “material – material” associated, to speed up China’s manufacturing 2025, through the public platform, the design innovation forum under the Internet of Things era and other carriers and activities, to promote the traditional manufacturing industry to information technology, intelligent forward, sharing; And the practice of industry 4.0.

Compared with the previous three design exhibition, the fourth design exhibition of a higher degree of internationalization, overseas design exhibition area compared with last year increased by 11%, reaching 75% of the museum. 175 overseas exhibitors, accounting for 75%.

It is worth mentioning that this year’s shenzhen escorts exhibition closely follow the virtual reality boom, set AR / VR interactive experience area, exhibition on the “black technology” dazzling. Shenzhen AR / VR field of outstanding engineers and programmers will gather at the scene to lead the audience to experience intelligent video glasses GOOVIS, capture the world’s highest speed, highest accuracy, the lowest delay optical motion capture device RTS, tactical backpack FirePack, VR And students of small house S2 binocular camera, P3 720 panoramic camera and other high-tech virtual reality products.

In addition to professional, high-end, international, this year’s exhibition is also the first time set up between the studio, inviting high popularity “net red” live broadcast platform in real-time showcase the situation. In addition, this exhibition for the first time in the center of the exhibition area to set up a national double the main venue of the main venue of the week, focused on the show in 2016, the main venue of the project two weeks, including an electric air control aerials UAV, optical peak Xiaoming laser micro Investment, Lan Feng VR cameras.

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The 4th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition

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The 4th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition will be held on June 6th. The theme of this exhibition is “Design and Connection”, which will show more than 6,000 visitors from more than 30 countries and regions including China, the United States, Japan, Korea, Italy and Canada. Pieces of innovative design quality. At the same time, Achievo has set up a two-week exhibition area to showcase the achievements and cases of industrial design to boost scientific and technological innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading.

It is understood that the exhibition hall area of ​​15,000 square meters, to attract 234 global design innovation institutions exhibitors, focusing on intelligent hardware, wearable equipment, robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, virtual reality, open source, smart life, Platforms, accelerators, incubators and other areas of the latest design and technology.

Compared with the previous three design shenzhen escorts exhibition, the fourth design exhibition of a higher degree of internationalization, overseas design exhibition area compared with last year increased by 11%, reaching 75% of the museum. 234 exhibitors, overseas exhibitors 175, accounting for 75%.

In addition, this exhibition for the first time in the center of the exhibition area to set up a national double the main venue of the main venue of the week, focused on the show in 2016, the main venue of the two parts of the project, including an aerospace intelligent control aerial photography, optical peak Xiaoming laser micro- Investment, Lan Feng VR cameras. Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association, executive vice president and secretary-general Feng Changhong said that the purpose of this exhibition is to pass a message that innovative technology, innovative products and services, business model, are inseparable from the support of industrial design .

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Shenzhen becomes the third largest national financial center

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On November 4, the CDI (China Shenzhen) released the 8th China Financial Center Index (CDI CFCI). The index uses the financial industry performance, the strength of financial institutions, financial market size and financial environment of the four major areas of 85 indicators of comprehensive evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of the development of China’s financial center, dynamic reflection of China’s financial center construction of the latest progress. Shenzhen for the eighth time was named after Shanghai and Beijing’s third largest national financial center.

The scope of evaluation of CDI · CFCI covers China’s 31 financial center cities, including three national financial centers and 28 regional financial centers in the six economic escort shenzhen regions. The scores of 31 financial centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Xi’an were the highest in the five cities with the highest scores. Both comprehensive strength and development speed, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, the three major national financial center relative to other regional financial centers have maintained an absolute leading position.

Among the 31 financial centers in China, Shenzhen ranked third in comprehensive competitiveness, with the financial market ranking second, financial industry performance, financial strength and financial ecological environment continuing to consolidate the country’s third position. Industrial performance, although the Shenzhen region banking, insurance institutions, strength and degree of internationalization slightly inferior, but the value-added financial industry in Shenzhen three-year average growth rate of 13.93%, higher than Beijing and Shanghai, and securities institutions superior strength , The total size of securities companies ranked first in the country.

It is reported that the eighth CDI · CFCI research shows that China’s financial center in the new financial and economic situation, a series of new features, including the financial center construction has become an important driving force for economic growth, the financial center construction “free trade area effect” Began to show that the financial center to accelerate the development of science and technology to play a leading role in financial innovation, innovation and development of the insurance industry to promote the role of the financial center.

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High class education of Shenzhen

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Recently, one of the world’s most influential global university rankings –USNews2017 World University ranking released, Shenzhen University ranked the world’s first 977 universities, 84 universities in the Mainland. This is the first time deep into the global top 1000 universities in the world university rankings revealed. School strength to enhance, attracting a large number of high-quality students, 2016, Shenzhen University, the main entry into a batch of students, the new line in the province ranked fourth in colleges and universities. In May this year, deep clinical medicine into the ESI world’s top 1%, the school into the ESI world’s top 1% of the subjects to 2.

As an experimental field of comprehensive escort shenzhen education reform, Southern University of Science and Technology has made useful explorations on the reform of China’s higher education in the aspects of enrollment reform, student cultivation and modern university system exploration.

High-level university is an important talent incubator base, Xu Jianling, deputy director of the Municipal Education Bureau, said that the “high education opinion” put forward a high starting point and high standard building first-class universities and first-class disciplines, the next 10 years to high-level university and high-level discipline construction In the weight, increase funding and policy support.

In the introduction of high-level personnel and the cultivation of high-level teachers, and guide colleges and universities to actively participate in national, provincial and municipal personnel programs, focusing on the introduction of world-class universities, research institutions, teaching and research experience of high-level talent. By 2020, the introduction of more than 50 high-level innovation team and more than 1,000 high-level talent at home and abroad, including academicians of the two academicians, Cheung Kong Scholars Professor, thousands of people selected, million people selected, the National Outstanding Young Winners Reaching more than 300.

For the modernization of international innovation and urban construction to add new forces

Shenzhen adhere to the “expansion of scale” and “mention quality” equal importance to vigorously promote the structural reform of higher education supply side, to promote the development of higher education in Shenzhen by leaps and bounds.

After years of reform, innovation and exploration, Shenzhen higher education has portrayed a desirable blueprint. In the construction of high-level university, Shenzhen adhere to the “open, professional and international” development direction, speed up and overseas famous colleges and universities to build characteristic college. During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the municipal government arranged not less than 1 billion yuan in funding each year, mainly used to support the construction of the characteristics of key areas of the college development, and features regular college enrollment within 5 years after the balance can not balance the necessary special subsidies.

Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Education, said the relevant person in charge, Shenzhen universities, especially the characteristics of the college building and Shenzhen closely integrated with the socio-economic development, professional coverage of the basic focus of Shenzhen’s emerging industries and key support areas for Shenzhen modern international and innovative city Of the building to add new strength.

Continue to promote the training of skilled personnel

The Cultivation of Skilled Talents is an Important Part of the New Talent. January 2014, “the implementation of the overall quality improvement plan” (hereinafter referred to as “promotion plan”) into the municipal government work report, and in Longgang District to carry out the national quality improvement plan pilot. “Promotion Plan” is a municipal government launched to enhance the working-age qualifications, skills, the core content of the innovative engineering and livelihood projects.

“Promotion Plan” for all workers working in Shenzhen. The first through the government-funded way to help workers in education, tuition fees by the government, enterprises, individuals 8: 1: 1 ratio of cost-sharing, to explore a new way to improve the quality of urban workers.

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Shenzhen Park construction

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Park construction as an important indicator of livable city, has become the city’s special environmental soft power, is also an important livelihood projects. Yesterday morning, Mayor Xu Qin hosted a special meeting to study the deployment of the city’s theme shenzhen escort park planning and construction work. Xu Qin stressed that the planning and construction of the theme park is the implementation of the Sixth Party Congress established efforts to build a modern internationalization of innovative city an important measure. Shenzhen quality, Shenzhen standards, innovative ideas, broaden horizons, the international advanced experience and the combination of the actual characteristics of Shenzhen to speed up the planning and construction of a number of cultural connotation, highlight the city theme park, promote ecological civilization and green development, Reform and development achievements more and better benefit all the people, to further enhance the city’s core competitiveness and sustainable development capacity.

In recent years, Shenzhen is actively building a “park city”, the city is currently completed all kinds of parks 911, the park is one of the largest cities, the establishment of the “natural park – city park – community park” three park system, To see the green, 500 meters to see the park “to meet the public to enjoy the green benefits, to carry out recreational leisure basic needs, a good ecological environment has become Shenzhen to attract high-end talent, enhance urban competitiveness soft power core elements.

“As a green low-carbon young city, Shenzhen Park construction has to mention the quality, the development of characteristics of the stage.” Xu Qin said that the construction of the park is an important part of the construction of ecological civilization is the green low-carbon development concept of concrete practice, it is an important carrier of people’s livelihood, to stand ecological civilization, build a beautiful Shenzhen strategic height, The theme park’s leap development. To Shenzhen quality, Shenzhen standards throughout the theme park planning and construction of the various links and the whole process, and comprehensively enhance the level of design and construction quality; to learn from international advanced city experience, innovative ideas, broaden horizons, and strive to achieve the leading concept, leading design To show the humanistic care, to carry historical memory, to expand the service function, to better meet the needs of the masses of the people; to give full play to the advantages of Shenzhen’s natural ecology, to reduce the artificial carving, to achieve harmony between man and nature.

It is reported that the future of Shenzhen will be closely around the city of Shanhai, Pioneer City, innovation and development, the world Huacheng, spatial integration and other directions, focusing on coastal characteristics, rural experience, ecological restoration, historical memory, science and technology innovation, city integration, art and design, Fashion sports, children’s play and other themes, to create a flexible combination of diverse performance and performance characteristics of the theme park system. Before the end of this year, the city will start the international friendly city parks, space parks and a number of characteristics of the theme park planning and construction.

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