High class education of Shenzhen

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High class education of Shenzhen

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Recently, one of the world’s most influential global university rankings –USNews2017 World University ranking released, Shenzhen University ranked the world’s first 977 universities, 84 universities in the Mainland. This is the first time deep into the global top 1000 universities in the world university rankings revealed. School strength to enhance, attracting a large number of high-quality students, 2016, Shenzhen University, the main entry into a batch of students, the new line in the province ranked fourth in colleges and universities. In May this year, deep clinical medicine into the ESI world’s top 1%, the school into the ESI world’s top 1% of the subjects to 2.

As an experimental field of comprehensive escort shenzhen education reform, Southern University of Science and Technology has made useful explorations on the reform of China’s higher education in the aspects of enrollment reform, student cultivation and modern university system exploration.

High-level university is an important talent incubator base, Xu Jianling, deputy director of the Municipal Education Bureau, said that the “high education opinion” put forward a high starting point and high standard building first-class universities and first-class disciplines, the next 10 years to high-level university and high-level discipline construction In the weight, increase funding and policy support.

In the introduction of high-level personnel and the cultivation of high-level teachers, and guide colleges and universities to actively participate in national, provincial and municipal personnel programs, focusing on the introduction of world-class universities, research institutions, teaching and research experience of high-level talent. By 2020, the introduction of more than 50 high-level innovation team and more than 1,000 high-level talent at home and abroad, including academicians of the two academicians, Cheung Kong Scholars Professor, thousands of people selected, million people selected, the National Outstanding Young Winners Reaching more than 300.

For the modernization of international innovation and urban construction to add new forces

Shenzhen adhere to the “expansion of scale” and “mention quality” equal importance to vigorously promote the structural reform of higher education supply side, to promote the development of higher education in Shenzhen by leaps and bounds.

After years of reform, innovation and exploration, Shenzhen higher education has portrayed a desirable blueprint. In the construction of high-level university, Shenzhen adhere to the “open, professional and international” development direction, speed up and overseas famous colleges and universities to build characteristic college. During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the municipal government arranged not less than 1 billion yuan in funding each year, mainly used to support the construction of the characteristics of key areas of the college development, and features regular college enrollment within 5 years after the balance can not balance the necessary special subsidies.

Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Education, said the relevant person in charge, Shenzhen universities, especially the characteristics of the college building and Shenzhen closely integrated with the socio-economic development, professional coverage of the basic focus of Shenzhen’s emerging industries and key support areas for Shenzhen modern international and innovative city Of the building to add new strength.

Continue to promote the training of skilled personnel

The Cultivation of Skilled Talents is an Important Part of the New Talent. January 2014, “the implementation of the overall quality improvement plan” (hereinafter referred to as “promotion plan”) into the municipal government work report, and in Longgang District to carry out the national quality improvement plan pilot. “Promotion Plan” is a municipal government launched to enhance the working-age qualifications, skills, the core content of the innovative engineering and livelihood projects.

“Promotion Plan” for all workers working in Shenzhen. The first through the government-funded way to help workers in education, tuition fees by the government, enterprises, individuals 8: 1: 1 ratio of cost-sharing, to explore a new way to improve the quality of urban workers.

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