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The New Shenzhen News Website

2013, we took the hormones on the road, Accumulate, full of enthusiasm, for logo, color system, with the latest wave of design, launched at home was still leading a new page. At that moment, we are all chasing dreams, with dreams, hoping to full of a ship Star, sing in the splendor of the stars. Youth ignited the passion, passion into motivation, dynamic accumulation of potential energy, creating a Shenzhen News Network City website top ten position. Unexpectedly, in order to this dream, we have been living in high places.

High, but can not sing. Because, this 5 years, the site has become a traditional media. We are struggling dreams, live in a strange world, virtual reality, mobile network, new media, since the media, live, unmanned aerial vehicles … … new things followed, we suddenly found that the dream of juvenile, Trees, did not see the moon, but saw the embarrassment and backwardness.

Quietly is parting of the Sheng Xiao. Today, is destined to be quiet that day.

Today, we bid farewell to the old version. Whether the auspicious day is unknown, but we know that this day is a new beginning, is that young people continue to hit the road that day.

The new Shenzhen News Web site, look more handsome. The new formula, the blending out of that or the familiar taste of Shenzhen. Shenzhen is a dream of the city, because living is a dream you. Follow the beat of the city, follow the dream, support a long pole, by the revision of the east, to the grass is more green.

Long pole is the phone in your hand. Use the phone to open the Shenzhen News Network, you will find that the mobile phone page can even draw the right side of the escort shenzhen program, under the designated under the program, increase or decrease the channel, interactive so humane. When you open the tens of thousands of micro-signals in Shenzhen, point to open the “@ Shenzhen” menu key, you will find that Shenzhen News has gorgeous transformed into a mobile content platform. This is the year that Nongmeidayan dream of juvenile Mody? Yes! Handsome, does not mean to have been to South Korea, did not want to earn a net red face, because we remember the beginning of heart – surging, such as yesterday, because there is a dream, so we forward.

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Shenzhen garbage classification public service alliance

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Yesterday afternoon, the Urban Management Bureau of Municipal Solid Waste Classification Management Center (hereinafter referred to as the classification center) together Crystal News, organized by the city’s environmental protection organizations exchange forum, and the Shenzhen . The meeting announced the 13 public welfare organizations and classification centers, Jing Bao jointly launched the Shenzhen Waste Classification Public Service Alliance was set up to consider the adoption of the garbage land, Shenzhen, more beautiful joint proposal.

In recent years, the city a lot of public welfare organizations to actively join the garbage classification, made a significant contribution. But because of the establishment of a short time, their own power is limited, often encounter a lack of space, lack of funds, lack of resources and other difficulties, with everyone dispersed, Based on the above factors, the classification center decided to work with Jingbao, 13 joint charity organizations jointly launched the establishment of the Shenzhen garbage classification public service alliance to integrate public interest organizations, the formation of cluster strength, large-scale promotion of waste escort shenzhen separation activities, but also for the government substantive support Public interest organizations to create a relatively smooth pipeline platform.

Yang Lei, deputy director of City Urban Management Bureau expressed support for the Coalition. He said that the purpose of the establishment of public interest alliance is to create a linkage platform to achieve the government and public interest organizations complement each other, hand in hand; specific methods, the hands of the Urban Management Bureau of resources to the maximum open to public organizations, according to the actual situation, Efforts to provide activities venues, office space, and financial support.

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“today’s headlines” will be whose?

Recently, “today’s headlines” APP mobile phone announced a $ 100 million investment, and to achieve up to $ 500 million valuation. Seeing its economic “success” at the same time, more worthy of attention is probably behind the copyright issues.
“Today’s headlines” as the mobile A PP client software itself is not the creator of work content, but in order to timely sorting and forwarding the day’s “headlines” known. In the field of copyright law, it is well known that legal fees should be paid to forward others’ works, but does this software respect the rights of copyright owners? “Today’s headlines” slogan is “We do not produce news, we are news porters”, but in fact, its handling is not only news, it is copyright. The so-called “news porters”, to cover up the facts of the infringement.
Although the “headlines today” content publishing form compared with other clients, there are some special, many of its links to other sites in the form of content, rather than directly reproduced works of others. “Today’s headlines” ignore the copyright of the defense, it is said they belong to the “link search” approach, rather than “copy and paste” approach. However, this way through the link to publish news and information not only can not form an effective defense, but also a typical infringement.
First of all, “today’s headlines” show the news is not the user directly using the search engine precision search, but the A PP prior information through the collation, classification, ranking and large data algorithm, the “secondary processing “The news. This is a typical tort in the field of copyright law, which is a common understanding reached in the practice of copyright law at home and abroad, through the way that the operator displays the news by its own behavior.
Secondly, through the “today’s headlines” to show the information displayed to the user, in the network copyright law known as the “deep link”, that is not the other side of the link object home page, and directly reach the final goal of two or three path, although omitted Users repeatedly find the news of trouble, but also touched the copyright law tolerated the bottom line. “Deep Link” case many years ago has been established by the European Court of Justice, China escort in shenzhen has more such cases in recent years, the courts are quoted “deep link” to be judged. Therefore, in this sense, the “deep link” is almost equivalent to plagiarism.
Content publishers should understand the “content is king” news law. Copyright law requires respect for the author’s rights and interests, not just for the author’s economic interests, but to encourage innovation, encourage better works.
For a long time, the idea of “stealing books is not stealing” has been misleading the road of copyright protection in China, from film and television drama to literary works, from plagiarism to scientific plagiarism, the “soft power” weakened by copyright protection, Until today has not been eliminated. The original is not protected, innovation and development come from?
In the Internet age, of course, is to encourage technological innovation and the so-called profit model innovation, but the basic premise is not to hurt the original content of innovation; can not others “headlines” copied into their own “headlines.” Internet development will bring a variety of new technologies, such as “today’s headlines,” such as network applications rookie will emerge in an endless stream, but the development of technology should not lead to the deterioration of copyright protection.
This requires the protection of intellectual property to respond to new challenges in a timely manner, and our legal perfection, justice and government regulation, as well as capital to follow, social awareness, should be based on the source of protection of innovation.

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Science and Technology Television weeks at Shenzhen

Science and Technology Television weeks, which is attractive to the city of Shenzhen dictates. Shenzhen technology atmosphere, many innovative entrepreneurial firms. Shenzhen from the development process point of view, we can say, innovation has become the DNA of the city. And one of innovation and technological progress is the important factor. It can be said that science and technology Television weeks deep, real natural fit! Events can take advantage of the Shenzhen side of innovation and open nature of the city, the use of scientific and technological innovation Shenzhen companies get together the advantages, to expand domestic and foreign film weeks in influence; Shenzhen you can use technology to introduce the latest technology Television Week, through further communication participants improve the city’s scientific research strength, and improve the scientific literacy of citizens in the city to promote scientific knowledge. Science and Technology Television weeks deep, a real win-win-setting effort!

In seven days, the people of Shenzhen escorts deep level will show the latest achievements of Shenzhen Innovation, close contact for the public. Mentioned scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprises, many people first reaction was Huawei, ZTE, Tencent and other “old” famous enterprises, everyone knows, Shenzhen now has more innovative companies, Dajiang UAV, Melodies of robots , these high technological content of the company’s products, not under any “old” famous enterprises. In recent years, Shenzhen innovative entrepreneurial firms have sprung up, the Shenzhen economic strength and scientific research strength manifestation, the Shenzhen municipal government to vigorously promote innovation and entrepreneurship, the inevitable outcome.

Of course, the research capacity of a city, in addition to the emphasis on top-down, bottom-up also need to accumulate. People, especially students’ scientific literacy higher accumulation thicker role in promoting urban research capacity is greater. From this point, Shenzhen with the international advanced cities such as New York and Tokyo, the gap is still relatively large.

Science is the ladder of human civilization, is the decisive force for social and economic development. To some extent, the scientific quality of the people level, directly determine the national quality level. States have recognized that the focus on improving the scientific literacy of students of the humanities rather than the culture examination machine is power in the contemporary benefit future generations of matter, and to take a number of measures practices. Shenzhen in this regard as obvious, the overall quality of students in Shenzhen forefront of the country, but to compete with the advanced international city, efforts need to continue.

The Science and Technology Week and the China International Science and Education Film and television production ‘annual meeting, Hyun in science and technology, aimed at science and education. As the focus of this year’s National Science Popularization Day activities, science and technology week in addition to film and television showcasing the latest technology to achieve the intention of cooperation in scientific research, but also shoulder the popularization of scientific knowledge, raise public scientific literacy task.

Of course, raise public scientific literacy does not depend on a seven-day event will be able to do. The event is just a prelude, if ignited scientific enthusiasm of the public mind, to promote education reform in Shenzhen on science education, to further build a culture of innovation, innovation and active atmosphere, to enhance the scientific quality, then city manager introduced vain Television a painstaking week.

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2016 Shenzhen International Leadership Summit

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2016 Shenzhen International Leadership Summit and BT Biological / Life Health Industry Exhibition held in Shenzhen today. The summit to “develop a shenzhen escort green economy, create a better life” as its theme, inviting the industry’s big coffee sitting pontificating, the exhibition will be through exhibitions, high-end forum, investment and financing project matchmaking, health talks, network support and other forms of professional activity, polymerization industry resources to promote industrial takeoff.

Since 2012, Shenzhen has held for four consecutive exhibition and two biological BT Shenzhen International Leadership Summit. The summit is expected to converge nearly 100 domestic and foreign well-known experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to attend. Among them, a professor at Stanford University, American Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Sciences and Humanities Shi Dingxiao Patel, the German Academy of Sciences Hans Li Weiqi, a tenured professor, Institute of Cancer Sciences, National University of Singapore, New Zealand and the Royal Academy of Sciences Peter Roby MIT and director of Institute of brain Science, national Academy of Sciences, Robert Desimone and other 22 foreign guests will attend BT Leadership Summit.

In addition, the current BT leaders summit guests included seven academicians, namely laser medical experts, Chinese Academy of Sciences Gu Ying, professor of Tianjin University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Yao Quan, vice president of Sichuan University, Chinese Academy of Shiwei in full, Tiantan hospital chief of neurosurgery, Jizong Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese PLA General hospital Chief physician, Chinese Academy of Engineering Gao Changqing, director of Peking University, Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhan Qimin, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine first Affiliated hospital, Professor, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Shi Xuemin.

The guests will discuss all aspects of the keynote speech, dialogue and high-end professional forums like the hot issues of industrial development, to carry out academic exchanges, policy research and industrial cooperation.

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