The New Shenzhen News Website

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The New Shenzhen News Website

2013, we took the hormones on the road, Accumulate, full of enthusiasm, for logo, color system, with the latest wave of design, launched at home was still leading a new page. At that moment, we are all chasing dreams, with dreams, hoping to full of a ship Star, sing in the splendor of the stars. Youth ignited the passion, passion into motivation, dynamic accumulation of potential energy, creating a Shenzhen News Network City website top ten position. Unexpectedly, in order to this dream, we have been living in high places.

High, but can not sing. Because, this 5 years, the site has become a traditional media. We are struggling dreams, live in a strange world, virtual reality, mobile network, new media, since the media, live, unmanned aerial vehicles … … new things followed, we suddenly found that the dream of juvenile, Trees, did not see the moon, but saw the embarrassment and backwardness.

Quietly is parting of the Sheng Xiao. Today, is destined to be quiet that day.

Today, we bid farewell to the old version. Whether the auspicious day is unknown, but we know that this day is a new beginning, is that young people continue to hit the road that day.

The new Shenzhen News Web site, look more handsome. The new formula, the blending out of that or the familiar taste of Shenzhen. Shenzhen is a dream of the city, because living is a dream you. Follow the beat of the city, follow the dream, support a long pole, by the revision of the east, to the grass is more green.

Long pole is the phone in your hand. Use the phone to open the Shenzhen News Network, you will find that the mobile phone page can even draw the right side of the escort shenzhen program, under the designated under the program, increase or decrease the channel, interactive so humane. When you open the tens of thousands of micro-signals in Shenzhen, point to open the “@ Shenzhen” menu key, you will find that Shenzhen News has gorgeous transformed into a mobile content platform. This is the year that Nongmeidayan dream of juvenile Mody? Yes! Handsome, does not mean to have been to South Korea, did not want to earn a net red face, because we remember the beginning of heart – surging, such as yesterday, because there is a dream, so we forward.

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