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International Public Art Week

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The second Beacon Hill International Public Art Week in Shenzhen Beacon Hill Park has opened. It is reported that this Beacon Hill International Public Art Week has five sections: two international performances, a special exhibition, an international escort shenzhen exchange, a time dating, two special plans X two artistic transformation projects. Importantly, these performances and exhibitions all free of charge, the public friends can go to the scene to watch.

From Poland, Tuva Republic and other countries of the avant-garde artists came to the Beacon Hill, for public art performances. Activities From October 28 to November 4 (this Friday), regardless of the elderly, children or urban youth and other social groups, can be in this art week to find their own fun. It is understood that this event by the Futian District, cultural and sports undertakings to promote the development of special funds to sponsor, Futian District, Shenzhen Huafu Street office as a guide unit, Shenzhen Ming Festival Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Sen Zhe Culture Communication Co., unit.

 Highlights: a rare music and dance performances
On the evening of the 29th, “I am a Lonely Soul” by the known as the “extreme voice experimenter” Sainkho Namtchylak with the improvised way to improvise, combined with Dickson Dee to DJ culture-oriented electronic music, Milosh Luczynski To bring the visual effects, to make a very interesting music dialogue.

 Sainkho’s nomadic song, distant, cool, dressed in white and white scarf, she deduced a lonely sound exploration, accompanied by radio frequency rhythm, slowly emerging earth and candlelight projection, her every A gesture is like telling the ancient times.

  The audience was deeply touched by this form of interpretation never touched, when Sainkho bowed to the end of the performance several times, the audience applause prolonged. If there are a thousand people in the eyes of a thousand Hamlet, I believe in the presence of every audience, the interpretation of this show are not the same, this is the art of great and wonderful place.

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When Shenzhen meets British

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In Shenzhen to see the Harry Potter parade, can enjoy the essence of the Scottish bagpipe, can be close to feel the “Shaun Sean” the charm of the stage? The “British Shopping Culture Festival” theme event, jointly organized by Futian District Government, China-Britain Business Council and other organizations, kicked off yesterday at Wong Ting Square. Now on November 20, Shenzhen escort residents to stay in the local can feel the rich British style.
When the “Shenzhen met in England,” Futian District held a large “British Shopping Festival”
Futian District Government official said at the opening ceremony, through such activities, not only conducive to the UK’s high-end boutique brands, new products docking to the terminal stores for the UK branded goods into Shenzhen, Futian market platform, but also to Further stimulating consumption, to meet the Shenzhen public diversification, personalized and high-quality consumer demand. It is hoped that through this activity, we can promote the cooperation and communication between Futian, Futian and British enterprises and British brands, introduce Futian into the UK and accelerate the integration of Futian’s foreign trade and promote Futian’s docking with the international market.

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Chinese construction investment

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October 28, by the Chinese construction investment in the construction of the first complete subway line in Shenzhen Metro Line 9 two months before the official opening and operation. Thirty years ago in Shenzhen International Trade Center project to create a well-known national housing construction “Shenzhen speed” of Chinese architecture, to overcome the geological conditions, the surrounding environment is complex and difficult, in the subway construction once again to create the subway construction in China “Shenzhen speed.”

Chairman of China National Construction Corporation, said the official, more than 30 years, China Construction and Shenzhen City has always been closely linked to joint development, and actively participate in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone of urban construction and livelihood development. Today, the Chinese architecture and practical action in the Shenzhen Metro Line 9 on the practice of the “Shenzhen quality” concept. “Shenzhen quality” concept of the “Shenzhen quality” concept. He said that China’s shenzhen escort construction successfully solved the world-class subway construction problems, the introduction of the most advanced embedded chute technology, creating a underground construction and surface ecological restoration of the construction mode, fully protect the ecological system, occupied the subway construction technology cutting edge. At present, the Shenzhen Metro ushered in an unprecedented development opportunities, the Chinese building is also very willing to play the comprehensive advantages of central enterprises, urban rail transit construction in Shenzhen to make due contributions.

Shenzhen Metro Line 9 west of Nanshan District, Shenzhen Bay, after the Futian District, north, ending in the Lo Wu District Man Kam Road, is a connected mangrove tourist area, Xiasha office area, Merlin residential area and Vientiane City, East Gate bustling commercial district, Effectively alleviate the central area of traffic pressure important local line.

Shenzhen Metro Line 9 full length of more than 25.46 km, 22 stations, of which 10 transfer stations. It is the spatial development strategy of “North-South Link, East Extension West Union”, “Center Strengthened, Two Wings Stretching” to form a “three-axis, two-belt, multi-center” urban spatial layout structure to alleviate traffic congestion and realize urban comprehensive traffic and public Transport development strategy of the backbone line. Works on July 1, 2012 officially started, originally planned for December 30, 2016 officially opened.

Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Wang Shenzhen speed, creating a Shenzhen-based Beijing, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, the height of peace, the completion of the task is called impossible to complete – Shenzhen, Shenzhen and Shenzhen, – Shenzhen Universiade main venue “spring cocoon” construction, to ensure the Universiade opening ceremony held satisfactorily.

Shenzhen speed, Shenzhen height, Shenzhen efficiency, Shenzhen is the Chinese society to create a great spiritual wealth, is the great spiritual power of Chinese construction people. Friends in the community’s trust and concern to the BT way to undertake the Shenzhen Metro Line 9.

With the “Geological Museum,” the underground natural conditions and complex economic and social development environment overlay, so that Shenzhen has become one of the most difficult subway construction in China. Shenzhen Metro Line 9 to the west through the rubble reclamation and silt layer, the middle of the uneven weathering to go through the granite strata, the eastern section through the water-rich sand, broken fracture zone. 6 lines across the area under the 68 buildings, 7 under the existing subway and railway lines, 4 through the water body, under the viaduct to be viaduct overpass pile underpinning, in addition to facing overlapping tunnel, along a major risk Source, coordination and construction difficult, high project risk.

In order to strictly enforce the contract, the Chinese construction in Shenzhen incorporated an independent legal personality of the two permanent institutions in the construction of the South Investment Co., Ltd., responsible for the 9th line BT project construction of the whole process of all-round management. China Construction Bureau under the construction of a bureau, three innings, four innings, five innings, eight innings, transportation, installation, decoration eight engineering bureau and professional company concentrated elite troops into the 9 line construction. At the same time, China Construction Bank and China CITIC Bank and China Import and Export Bank of the syndicate, and the China Railway Tunnel Equipment and Liaoning North Heavy Industries, the famous shield manufacturers to establish strategic alliances for the 9th line construction has laid a solid capital and large equipment base.

After the commencement of the project, as the world’s top 500 Chinese construction equipment advantages, put into the Shenzhen Metro Line 9 project. The company’s more than 20 sets of shield machine quickly assembled in place, along the battlefield, go hand in hand. Centralized management advantages, unified coordination across the board, up and down linkage, horizontal management to the side, vertical in the end, without leaving any dead ends. Focus on personnel advantages, the Chinese building system-wide mobilization familiar with the subway construction management personnel, technical personnel to focus on the Shenzhen Metro Line 9 project on the key point, the organization advantage team tackling tough. Focus on the advantages of scientific and technological innovation group, to the quality of scientific and technological innovation, to time. Line 9 in Shenzhen in the construction of the three subway in the most complex process, the shortest duration, the difficulty of construction. In the 9th line construction process, the Chinese construction has developed a built-in chute technology, laying damping track bed technology, installation of roller system with the curved tip rail turnout technology more than 20 technology innovation. Play construction workers in China in particular combat style advantage, the key nodes in the labor competition, focus assault rush time.

Ultimately, the Chinese construction to overcome the difficulties of the domestic subway construction rare, not only some of the block due to demolition hampered delayed about half a year to grab back, and two months in advance to achieve opening to traffic operations. China Building, the world’s top 500 enterprises in the top 30 enterprises in the Shenzhen Metro Line 9 BT project once again to create the subway construction of the “Shenzhen speed” to the world once again proved that the great power of the central enterprises extraordinary strength.

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Shenzhen will become international fashion center

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October 21, 2016, the second China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Festival kick-off ceremony was held in Shenzhen, China Textile Education Association, the Ministry of Education College Textiles Teaching Steering Committee Director Ni Yangsheng (Shenzhen) International Fashion Festival Committee Chairman, Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, Zhou Shikang and other leaders as well as clothing entrepreneurs, well-known (Shenzhen) International Fashion Fashion Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City, Fashion design, including a hundred people come to the event site. More than 30 media attended the event, as well as Tencent, Sina, Youku more than 60 media, etc. to participate in the start of the joint participation of more than 60 media, such as China Mobile, Ceremony of the report.

(Shenzhen) International Fashion Festival was informed that in December this year, Shenzhen will be held through the international fashion festival, open up the Chinese fashion and international communication and cooperation chain; through the holding of the Global Fashion Academy Presidents Forum The establishment of a global fashion college alliance to promote the integration of shenzhen escort production and research development; through the establishment of fashion designers talent reservoir, support the development of the Shenzhen fashion industry, Shenzhen will eventually become an international fashion center.

“The cause of prosperity, talent-based, industry gathering talent, talent to lead the industry.” “Jinlichang Cup” fashion design vocational skills contest sponsor Jinlichang Enterprise Group Chairman Chen Guoqian said in his speech. As the organizing committee firmly believes that through the Fashion Festival, nurturing and attracting more talented people together in Shenzhen, together for the Shenzhen fashion industry to achieve leapfrog development efforts, together with all walks of life to reach a “Shenzhen dream” Fashion dream “, so as to” realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation’s dream “dedication wisdom and strength.

It is reported that this Fashion Festival will be held more than ten field heavy activities, including the Global Fashion Leaders Forum, Global Fashion Design Masters Forum, the Global Fashion College President Forum, China International Student Fashion Design Competition, China International College Students Model Contest, 2016 Shenzhen, the skills competition – “Jinlichang Cup” fashion design career skills competitions and other industry heavyweight international event, then, from Paris, New York, London, Milan and other countries and regions of the top designers will visit and signed a number of cooperation intentions.
Three international forums, two contest activities held
Paris, New York, London, Milan and other top designers will visit
The second China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Festival will uphold the concept of fashion + innovation, opened more than a dozen activities to more international, professional, market-oriented posture, fully integrated global fashion high-end resources, more widely attract the community The power of participation, to create an open, comprehensive, social sharing, build, win-win platform, the fashion section into a fashionable civilization sensor, fashion brand accelerator, fashion talent incubator and fashion industry booster.
According to reports, the second China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Festival by the China Textile and Apparel Education Association, the National Textile and Apparel Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee, the Ministry of Education College Textile Teaching Guidance Committee, Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, Guangdong Fashion Culture Creative industry service center co-sponsored the “fashion password detonated fashion movement” as the theme, in response to “all the way along the” national strategy call to promote the East aesthetics, the future will be held in December each year in the form of fashion section, Asia’s new fashion home.
According to the Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Integration of Cultural Originality and Design Services and Related Industries and the Outline of the 13th Five-year Plan for Shenzhen’s National Economic and Social Development, the cultural and creative industries will play an important role in the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Play a decisive role. Fashion design is an important manifestation of cultural and creative industries, at present, Shenzhen, as the source of the national fashion design industry, has a large number of leading fashion trend of the brand, gathered the best fashion designers, to create the design capital of Shenzhen, a Global fashion center laid a solid foundation.
This fashion festival will have from Paris, New York, London, Milan, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other international cities important fashion figures, Fashion Association, fashion business giants, well-known fashion school principals, business elite and mainstream Media journalists gathered in Shenzhen, around the “fashion + innovative thinking integrated fashion industry chain”, “design-driven fashion industry innovation and development”, “Shenzhen to create international fashion capital” and other core issues in-depth exchange and discussion.
Global Fashion Leadership Forum
Speed ​​up the Shenzhen fashion in the international right to speak
It is worth mentioning that, in 2015, based on the first Shenzhen Fashion Festival, this fashion section added a global fashion leaders summit series of international forums, international students Fashion Design Competition, International Students Model Contest and other industry heavyweight international competitions.
Among them, the Global Fashion Leadership Summit series of international forums, including the Global Fashion Leaders Forum, Global Fashion Design Masters Forum, the world’s clothing college principals forum three forums. To build the global urban fashion exchange and interaction of the chief platform to build China’s fashion and international fashion the best interface and fast-track, through the depth of the East-West urban fashion dialogue, the formation of open, inclusive and win-win fashion exchange mechanism to promote China’s fashion among the international mainstream, an international fashion sharing and win-win thinking of the library.
The China International Students Fashion Design Competition, is designed to guide the fashion design new forces will be fashionable creativity, market applications, fashion and design advocates of Shenzhen combined to lead the forefront of international fashion design, while competition through the selection of professionals, and Shenzhen local brands For seamless docking. China International University Student Model Contest will explore and nurture more models of elite talent, the outstanding models to China and the world’s top T station.
Shenzhen International Fashion Festival Organizing Committee, Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, President Zhou Shikang said at the launching ceremony, the current Chinese fashion designers in the industry influence, industry awareness, social attention, etc. have ushered in the best Of the period, the formation of a team belonging to the competitiveness of the designer. Shenzhen, as the forefront of China’s reform and opening up, plays a pivotal position in the fashion industry, the second China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Festival will be for China’s own brand and local designers to provide a broader development Stage, for Chinese and foreign brands and designers of communication and integration to provide a more favorable platform.
China Textile and Apparel Education Society Ni Yangsheng pointed out in his speech, held in Shenzhen Fashion Festival is conducive to the integration of Shenzhen fashion resources and industrial chain, to enhance the urban fashion soft power; help enhance the original capacity of the Shenzhen fashion industry to speed up transformation and upgrading, but also conducive to training in Shenzhen As a national textile and garment industry organizations, the China Textile and Apparel Education Society will play the role of China’s textile and garment talents training base to promote the Shenzhen-depth cooperation in school and enterprise, training a large number of high-quality talent, to promote the development of high- Promote the development of garment industry in Shenzhen and industrial upgrading.
“At present, the focus of the global garment industry is shifting to China, as the forefront of China’s garment industry, Shenzhen has the responsibility, ability, it is necessary to become a new fashion home.” Second China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Festival Organizing Committee Zhou Shikang said that the second China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Festival will seize the international trend as an opportunity to fashion through the fashion section, to open up the Chinese fashion and international communication and cooperation chain; through the establishment of the Global Fashion Academy Presidents Forum Global Fashion Institute Alliance , To promote the integration of production and research development; through the establishment of fashion designers talent reservoir, support the development of Shenzhen fashion industry to speed up Shenzhen fashion in the international discourse, and eventually upgraded to become an international fashion center in Shenzhen.
After the ceremony, the organizers also held a “fashion design teacher + a guest forum”, around the fashion design and technological innovation, independent designer of the brand road, Shenzhen design personnel training mode and other topics in-depth discussion.
Participants said that with the national innovation-driven strategy, along the way, the Internet +, China’s manufacturing 2025 and other strategies and policies to promote the fashion industry and fashion personnel training put forward new demands, fashion industry development usher in a major opportunity, but also face higher challenge. In this context, how to enhance the original capacity of the fashion industry, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the fashion industry, how to build a fashion industry chain through the strategic platform, how to promote the supply side of the fashion industry reform, innovative talent training model, which are required China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Festival to face the era of the subject.

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Shenzhen port

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Reporters yesterday from the Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that the first three quarters of this year, the Shenzhen port inspection and quarantine milk and dairy products 114,200 tons, 576 million US dollars, an increase of nearly 50%. Ireland, New Zealand is the main port of Shenzhen milk and dairy products importer. In the import of milk and dairy products, infant formula milk powder accounted for about Qi Cheng. In addition, there are some full-fat milk powder, butter, cheese, cream and other products. Data show that the Shenzhen port has become the country’s third largest port of imported dairy products.

Shenzhen port dairy imports surge and Shenzhen port a good customs clearance environment is not unrelated. In recent years, Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau continuously strengthen customs clearance process management, improve customs clearance efficiency and improve the customs clearance environment. The country’s first “goods inspection and quarantine process monitoring and time measurement system”, the internal work quality and efficiency of real-time monitoring; will import food access to determine and label inspection work ahead of the pre-inspection link to shorten the site inspection time; Certificate “,” health certificate “the full implementation of the e certificate, the use of Internet + technology to pass the certificate and fidelity, inspection visa significantly reduced the length of time 70.06%, the goods can be faster on the shelf sales, For enterprises to save a large number of port warehousing logistics and shenzhen escort time costs. At present, the Shenzhen port entry inspection and quarantine efficiency of goods in the country’s major coastal ports in the first.

The safety of imported dairy products has been a concern, Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in accordance with the “prevention first, risk management, full control, social co-governance” principle, importers strict access threshold, and importers to improve traceability system.

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Shenzhen science and technology industry

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Shenzhen science and technology industry and the financial industry is well developed. The rise of science and technology in Shenzhen App class how to come to the fore, and the strength of the city to match?
The client will learn from advanced media group practices, through the conversion mechanism, to achieve standardized operation and scientific management. The use of mixed ownership, the relative holding of the Shenzhen Newspaper Group, for the state-owned enterprises, private enterprises to attract capital (hereinafter referred to as the state-owned enterprises, private enterprises to attract capital), the company is the parent company, And technology investment, while the escort shenzhen project management and general staff holdings channel; in the current news App “flow + advertising” business model based on the location to play the advantages of financial technology, extension and grafting investment services and other innovations Business model, as soon as possible to achieve better revenue.
Focus on the bigger and stronger video reports, to make distinctive features, to create a strong sense of the word, to create a strong sense of responsibility, the company will focus on the development of the content of the construction, the client will be the first time to gather the integration of technology financial information, Closely follow the pace of the upcoming VR era; focus on technology financial positioning, detailed and solid vertical to do a good job in the field of service content.
Shenzhen Evening News: Innovation to create “Shenzhen ZAKER”
Recently, by the State Press and Publication Administration of Radio, Film and Television, sponsored by the “national newspaper media fusion innovation road show” held in Beijing. After 21 expert reviews and on-site scoring, Shenzhen Evening News and ZAKER jointly create the “Shenzhen ZAKER” has become the national newspaper and media integration innovation case No. 10, into the national media integration of innovative media case of the first phalanx.
Shenzhen Evening News editor Ding Shizhao clearly remember, August 20, 2015, Shenzhen Evening News and the top 10 national news and information App Appointment ZAKER, together to create “Shenzhen ZAKER”, played the media integration big movement, in the country The first to explore the traditional media and new media in the “product + technology + platform” a new model of integration.
Shenzhen News by pushing, the country served 170 million users, every day 10 million + high reading volume of manuscripts. At the same time, the Shenzhen Evening News efforts to build synergies Union. Recently, the “Super Union Union” Shenzhen Evening News Development Co., Ltd. listing and Taobao headlines Shenzhen Channel on-line ceremony was held. Shenzhen Evening News into the development of the media, “Troika” – Shenzhen Evening News Development Co., Ltd., “Shenzhen ZAKER”, Taobao headlines simultaneously start the Shenzhen channel, keep pace.
Jing Bao: transformation of financial affairs services
August 1, Jing Bao ushered in the first 15 years. 15-year-old Jing Bao, in the wave of media convergence in the torrent Yong Jin, and now another addition to a shiny new identity, that is – Shenzhen Financial Services Financial Services.
Jing Daily editor Hu Hongxia said that at present, Jing Bao has been operating on behalf of the Shenzhen traffic police, Shenzhen Education Bureau, Shenzhen Wei Planning Commission, the Shenzhen Municipal Supervision Committee, Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau, Shenzhen IESS, Shenzhen Women’s Federation, Shenzhen And more than 50 government WeChat, microblogging, website, service total number of fans more than 11.05 million.
After two years of efforts, Jing Bao has created a professional service of government agencies of the new media team. Such as the crystal and the party and government, enterprises and institutions together to form a professional project team, the development and construction of WeChat public service platform, the use of WeChat to expand the coverage of various units to promote convenience services, highlight the new image.
In this process, the report is being transformed into a comprehensive provider of public service financial services. Crystal reported on behalf of the operation as the starting point, creating a “financial services financial affairs of the government,” financial media projects 2016 annual revenue will exceed 10 million yuan. Jingbao government financial media operations center in the traditional media also took the lead in the mature launch of the “micro-government micro-micro-generation business model”, to create a ringing new media on behalf of the operation of the brand, to develop the production PPT, drafting the annual summary, production Propaganda film, micro-business micro-Bo micro-site operation, new media training, and other financial media services.
Now, Jingbao also plans to community governance modernization as the core of the financial products to grass-roots public convenience services for the entrance to the Internet era of grass-roots management of the convenience and effectiveness.

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Shenzhen would surpass silicon valley in 10 years

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Mr. Zhang Wuchang, one of the founders of famous economist, new institutional economics and modern property rights economics, is the chief economist of the forum. He is the professor and director of Peking University New Structure Economics Research Center. Prof. Lin Yifu, President of the People’s University of China, Prof. Liu Wei, President of the Renmin University of China, Dean of the School of Economics of Fudan University and Professor Zhang Jun, Director of the Center for Economic Research of China; Vice-Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee; Vice Chairman of the Financial and Economic Committee; Chairman of the Board.
In the morning session of this forum, the economists on the basis of their own research, have published a number of important issues on the Chinese economy keynote speech.
Among them, the famous economist, the new institutional economics and modern property rights, one of the founders of Mr. Zhang Wuchang, talking about China’s recent soaring housing prices, said that in his view, the direct cause behind the price of three main points : First, college graduates, especially the choice of science and technology talent influx of technology innovation-oriented cities, increased demand; Second, the manufacturing sector is facing difficulties in building factories, this part of the funds used to build factories into the property market; Third, the RMB is currently in a weak position, can not flow out of the country, so a large number of domestic capital have chosen to invest in the property market. 2
Among them, the famous economist, the new institutional economics and modern property rights, one of the founders of Mr. Zhang Wuchang, talking about China’s recent soaring housing prices, said that in his view, the direct cause behind the price of three main points : First, college graduates, especially the choice of science and technology talent influx of technology innovation-oriented cities, increased demand; Second, the manufacturing sector is facing difficulties in building factories, this part of the funds used to build factories into the property market; Third, the RMB is currently in a weak position, can not flow out of the country, so a large number of domestic capital have chosen to invest in the property market.
Mr. Zhang Wuchang said, Shenzhen is a typical technological innovation city, at the same time, Shenzhen is rapidly rising house prices are representative. At the same time, Zhang Wuchang said he had predicted that Shenzhen will surpass Hong Kong in two years, Sure, Shenzhen will soon be done; Now, he proposed a new forecast – Shenzhen will be within 10 years beyond the US Silicon Valley.
In addition, Zhang Wuchang also said that the current price changes in China and other economic issues, to a certain extent, due to the previous adjustment of China’s original economic system is not correct. China’s development path has been praiseworthy, China’s economic reform can not blindly study the West, to respect the tradition of China’s economic operation. Although there are many problems in the current Chinese economy, but because China has the Communist Party, but not the Chinese shenzhen escort Communist Party can not do things, so if China’s economic development path back to the correct channel, the Chinese economy can miracles.
Mr. Zhang Wuchang’s specific statements are summarized as follows:
Zhang Wuchang when talking about the reasons for rising house prices, said the current population growth in Shenzhen too fast. A few years ago, Shenzhen had a population of 15 million, some 21 million two years ago, so it would be 30 million in a few years, and the city’s population grew by more than a million a year , Which is very surprising. This phenomenon occurs, of course, prices will rise, because Shenzhen is too fast, so in Shenzhen near the city, such as Dongguan, such as Huizhou, house prices are up. For example, Huizhou, house prices have not changed for many years before, nearly doubled in the past six months.
Especially in the study of better young people love to go to Shenzhen, I think Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, the situation should also be the case.
In other words, the young elite will focus on the development of high-tech cities to go, this is because the “Labor Contract Law” on them without much constraint. Instead, the “Labor Contract Law” on the three or four thousand monthly salary of those who limit the death.
China’s young people are very powerful, those who are very powerful in mathematics, the technology is very powerful many people, this is true. Indeed, there are a lot of young people read the book read very well, do it quickly in mathematics, the technology is not a problem. Shenzhen, Shenzhen, I am more familiar with the city, there are 8000 Huawei, Tencent, Xinjiang such a company, this is not a joke. Tsinghua University, a leader to go, immediately someone invited. Then you can not deny that, including Hangzhou, Ma, Tencent, Huawei, these are very powerful, these businesses are not easy to do, it is not easy to do, especially the more difficult to do the factory, but if you go high-tech words , Is also very difficult to do.
Chinese people are smart, motivated, I estimate about a bit, whether it is Chinese University, University of Hong Kong Ye Hao, the Chinese students, the best students have been snatched by them, Hong Kong, the best students of these universities Are China to go. I calculated, if you want to please a very powerful person, just eight thousand or nine thousand yuan, please a similarly powerful student, Hong Kong is about twenty thousand dollars, the United States to ask a person of the same standard, probably need four million Money, please one such young man, while China has so many, can say hundreds of thousands of dollars.
So I am currently inferring that many people disagree. I said two years ago that Shenzhen would surpass Hong Kong in 10 years. They did not believe it. Silicon Valley.

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Shenzhen speed

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“Shenzhen speed” is simply synonymous with fast, but cultural accumulation is not a building, it is a cumulative process.
On college, the writing teacher mentioned Shenzhen is full of disdain, criticism of Shenzhen is too impetuous, is a “cultural desert.” “Cultural desert” refers to the cultural, scientific, educational, spiritual life is relatively scarce areas or spiritual civilization construction is relatively backward, and later I found that the word is the first for Shenzhen.
Shenzhen from a small fishing village into an international metropolis, only 40 years time, cultural accumulation is not necessarily inevitable. Not only the history of Shenzhen and Hong Kong trade, but more than 100 years, the history of the United States less than 300 years, have also been dubbed the “cultural desert” in the name. Those known as the “cultural desert” place, on the one hand, there is a significant feature, that is, economic development speed, performance attention; the other hand, the development of spiritual civilization and material civilization is not coordinated, otherwise what qualifications are deducted On the “cultural desert” hat? Economic lackluster, will not someone will care about you have no culture.
Shenzhen has a famous slogan: “Time is life, efficiency is money”, “Shenzhen speed” is simply synonymous with fast. But cultural accumulation is not a building, it is a cumulative process, the short time means shallow, fast in a lot of people seems to imply impetuous.
However, over the years, Shenzhen in the economy continue to “Shenzhen speed” innovation catch up, in the cultural efforts to wash the “cultural desert” stigma.
One of the big moves is to vigorously introduce domestic and international famous schools. All along, Shenzhen has been ridiculed because of the lack of well-known universities. August 29, Peking University announced the construction of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School Shenzhen campus, which means that the pace of the introduction of elite schools in Shenzhen has accelerated a step. In addition to Peking University, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences University, Renmin University of China, Wuhan University, Zhongshan University and other elite schools will also be opened in Shenzhen, Shenzhen campus.
These schools in Shenzhen set up campus and the common campus is different. Campus directly under the school, directly managed by the school, and the school shared teachers, research resources, enrollment is a unified score line. While the school is an independent operation, and the school is a cooperative relationship, independent enrollment. Peking University, Tsinghua University, National People’s Congress, and only ten well-known colleges and universities in Shenzhen to set up a branch, is bound to a large extent, enrich the resources of higher education in Shenzhen to enhance the cultural quality of Shenzhen.
In addition, a number of Chinese and foreign cooperation in running schools in succession projects in Shenzhen. This year in January, Tianjin University, Georgia Institute of Technology signed in Shenzhen Nanshan. The University of Washington also plans to set up a branch in Shenzhen. The Russian Institute of Repin Academy of Fine Arts in Shenzhen, South China University of Technology – Rutgers University Innovation Institute, Hunan University Rochester School of Design, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) International Design Institute, Melbourne Institute of Life and Health Engineering are planning and construction. At present, Shenzhen has built 12 universities, including Shenzhen University, Southern University of Science and Technology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), Tsinghua University, Shenzhen Graduate School, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen Graduate School.
Shenzhen has set up schools in Shenzhen, all kinds of cooperative education projects have landed in Shenzhen, which can be seen in Shenzhen in the development of higher education sincerity and efforts, you can see the base to build higher education in Shenzhen ambitions. In the near future, Shenzhen ‘s higher education resources will be unusually rich enough to par the majority of large cities in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities in front of, you can also straight up the spine.
For the city, the university not only has the role of aggregation, training of personnel, its role in urban culture is more important. Many schools have become the city’s cultural symbol, cultural landmarks, is the city’s most beautiful business card. Like Peking University Tsinghua University in Beijing, Fudan University in Shanghai, Oxford University in Oxford, Harvard Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. The impact of the city on the city, more profoundly reflected in the influence of urban culture, the influence of various cultural and artistic activities, cultivate the spirit of the public, publicity humanistic spirit, enhance urban cultural tastes … … the face of Peking University, Tsinghua University, Elite of Shenzhen, and then “cultural desert” to ridicule her, we must weigh weigh it is appropriate.
In addition to the introduction of universities, in the introduction of high-level talent, compared with other first-tier cities, Shenzhen is also the most open. Not long ago, Beijing announced the settled points policy, although to settle down in Beijing opened up a channel, but the difficulty of settling in Beijing as Shu Road difficult. Almost the same time, Shenzhen announced the adjustment settled points policy, the new regulations will be moved to the introduction of household registration to move to the introduction of talent, taxation, relocation of households and social security policy to move to four categories, which introduced the relocation of personnel, Integral system for the approval system, do not set the indicators on the line, as long as the conditions can be applied to settle directly. And Beijing, Shanghai, compared to the harsh conditions of settling in Shenzhen to settle down policies for attracting talent is undoubtedly a great advantage.
In order to attract and retain talent, Shenzhen introduced a series of preferential policies. For example, the introduction of the basic introduction of new talent a one-time living allowance, undergraduate 15,000 yuan per person, 25,000 yuan per person master’s degree, Dr. 30,000 yuan per person. Disbursement of one-time living allowance is only Shenzhen, “on the promotion of talent development of a number of measures” 178 policy points in one. Including out of 300,000 sets of talent apartments, students zero threshold for housing subsidies, outstanding talent can choose an area of ​​about 200 square meters rent-free housing for 10 years, can also choose 6 million yuan incentives and other measures … …
In addition to the great efforts to introduce highly educated, high-level talent that these visible measures, Shenzhen in the protection of cultural rights of the people to implement more initiatives. These measures allow people living in Shenzhen, personal feel the culture of moisture. On the one hand is to vigorously build public cultural facilities, build urban cultural landmarks, and the first nationwide free of charge to the public free of charge libraries, art galleries, museums. On the other hand, the construction of a sound grass-roots public cultural facilities network, creating the public space for the whole society, and vigorously cultivate the public culture.
Take the reading, Shenzhen has a strong atmosphere of reading, so far successfully held in Shenzhen 15 “Shenzhen Reading Month” activities, the number of participants from the first 1.7 million people increased to the 15th session of more than 1,000 million people in the per capita purchase volume , Shenzhen for 25 consecutive years ranked first in large and medium cities. Last year in September, a community bookstore in Shenzhen to the public free of charge, an average of 600 readers a day reception, a collection of stolen, the book is not a big deal, but with great interest to list a “lost book list” So that the stolen book “as a bridge to shorten the distance between the city and the humanities, the Department of Xingyuan Juju line … …” The tolerance and leisure, is undoubtedly the “cultural desert” the best response.
Of course, compared with Beijing and other cities, Shenzhen, after all, too young, too shallow cultural foundation, the accumulation is not enough, always feeling so bad. But with a large number of well-known colleges and universities, the introduction of talent to spare no effort to find ways to protect the cultural rights of the people of Shenzhen, is bound to be from the “cultural desert” into a cultural oasis, but also to Shenzhen a little time.
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Biggest VR show held by Shenzhen

Wearing VR glasses can be instantly through the history, exposure to the real relics in the meantime; in the new technology stitching under the play games, fitness, sports experience has also been a revolutionary change … … October 1, the third session of the Shenzhen International Game Festival In the Convention and Exhibition Center officially opened, VR, AR and other technology shenzhen escort companies have appeared, called Shenzhen this year’s largest virtual reality feast. The first day admission number of over 30,000, the exhibition will continue until October 5.

As the largest gaming exhibition in Shenzhen, Shenzhen International Video Festival this year is already the third held, coincides with VR virtual reality technology in 2016 ushered in the first year of industrialization, but also to make this video game has become a VR cutting-edge technology Experience the exhibition. Reporters on the scene, the Chinese virtual reality industry alliance for the first time to bring the domestic top VR equipment, game exhibitors, HTC Vive equipment, “space through” AR picture book debut to attract the audience experience. Longgang Street, Longgang District, from the Chinese animation booth filled with a variety of interactive VR experience area, put on their own research and development of VR glasses, get experience equipment, parachuting, rowing, skiing, car racing space are not words. The most amazing is that by the easy to travel wireless brings the “Silk Road of the sky” – VR pocket museum, with the help of VR glasses, the audience instantly on the virtual walk in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, through the holographic splicing of cultural relics Copper and horse in front.

In addition, the exhibition also brought together the popular domestic and international animation, idol group, Cosplay, e-sports and other activities, the organizers to create the era of Dai Yunfeng said that this year’s festival more emphasis on experience, welcome the audience through live participation, Everyone striving to become anchor members, and participate in graffiti contest, draw their own original picture.

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People’s livelihood first

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People’s livelihood first, people’s livelihood as the most important thing, people’s livelihood-oriented, Shenzhen is a consistent development over the years the theme. In 2010, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in the 30th anniversary of the occasion, held in Shenzhen since the city built the city’s first social construction work conference. The municipal government clearly put forward the “Shenzhen to social construction and economic construction in the same important position”, that is, Shenzhen, the first in the country to break the GDP of the traditional model of economic and social development, the well-being of the people placed an important position in urban development. After 36 years of development, the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of the Shenzhen city have been significantly enhanced. The development of the people’s livelihood content, value content, technology content, green content significantly improved, per capita disposable income of urban residents, the minimum wage, minimum living standard Level. 2015, Shenzhen, the Sixth Party Congress, will strive to build a better quality of people’s livelihood and well-being of the city as the main objectives and tasks for the next five years.

The choice of people is the most convincing. Less than 2,000 square kilometers of land, gathered more than 10 million of the population, of which the vast majority are not native of Shenzhen, it is not today’s Shenzhen, Shenzhen, the largest recognition of it? This is not the best comment on the charm of Shenzhen Why? China Academy of Social Sciences released in 2015, “Urban Competitiveness Blue Book” shows that in 2014 China’s comprehensive economic competitiveness of cities in the rankings, Shenzhen for the first time beyond Hong Kong, jumped to the top. In the context of economic downturn and environmental degradation, only Shenzhen has maintained the lowest investment rate, the best environment, the lowest debt ratio, the best entrepreneurial environment and the most sustainable development model in major Chinese cities. 2016 report, Shenzhen, this indicator is still the top, and the competitiveness of the city in a harmonious first, second only to Hong Kong and Macao in the global competitiveness of cities in the livable city competitiveness in the top ten, Shenzhen escorts is The only short-listed first-tier cities.

Rome was not built in a day. Shenzhen is a poor and white border town from scratch, Shenzhen, just 36 years old. On the land area and resource endowments, history and family property, Shenzhen is undoubtedly the “shabby”; earlier ushered in the development of the golden opportunity to encounter growth earlier troubles, as the rapid completion of immigrant-type mega-cities, Shenzhen Education, , Housing, transportation and other areas of the level of development is lagging behind, the lack of quality public service resources, the original SAR and the gap between the infrastructure and service management level is still large. For these problems and short board, Shenzhen has a clear understanding. On August 26 this year, Ma Xingrui, secretary of the provincial party committee and secretary of the municipal party committee, used the 1/6 strong space in the Plenary Session of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 6th CPC Central Committee to face the problems and deeply analyzed the historical legacy of the development of Shenzhen. Big problems “, the future development of the” three challenges “, and” three lag “is to remind the city’s party members and cadres in times of peace, always keep a clear head, in the profound understanding of reality, in the hardships of reform and innovation, The people’s livelihood pain points, in the hardships of courage in the mission, continue to inspire tackling tough fighting spirit and strength.

Shenzhen advocating hard work. Do not put “mouth gun”, do not fight “war of words.” For the outside noise and criticism, reasonable and well-intentioned, serious listening to reflection, unreasonable and biased, take it lightly, to answer the facts.