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Chinese construction investment

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October 28, by the Chinese construction investment in the construction of the first complete subway line in Shenzhen Metro Line 9 two months before the official opening and operation. Thirty years ago in Shenzhen International Trade Center project to create a well-known national housing construction “Shenzhen speed” of Chinese architecture, to overcome the geological conditions, the surrounding environment is complex and difficult, in the subway construction once again to create the subway construction in China “Shenzhen speed.”

Chairman of China National Construction Corporation, said the official, more than 30 years, China Construction and Shenzhen City has always been closely linked to joint development, and actively participate in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone of urban construction and livelihood development. Today, the Chinese architecture and practical action in the Shenzhen Metro Line 9 on the practice of the “Shenzhen quality” concept. “Shenzhen quality” concept of the “Shenzhen quality” concept. He said that China’s shenzhen escort construction successfully solved the world-class subway construction problems, the introduction of the most advanced embedded chute technology, creating a underground construction and surface ecological restoration of the construction mode, fully protect the ecological system, occupied the subway construction technology cutting edge. At present, the Shenzhen Metro ushered in an unprecedented development opportunities, the Chinese building is also very willing to play the comprehensive advantages of central enterprises, urban rail transit construction in Shenzhen to make due contributions.

Shenzhen Metro Line 9 west of Nanshan District, Shenzhen Bay, after the Futian District, north, ending in the Lo Wu District Man Kam Road, is a connected mangrove tourist area, Xiasha office area, Merlin residential area and Vientiane City, East Gate bustling commercial district, Effectively alleviate the central area of traffic pressure important local line.

Shenzhen Metro Line 9 full length of more than 25.46 km, 22 stations, of which 10 transfer stations. It is the spatial development strategy of “North-South Link, East Extension West Union”, “Center Strengthened, Two Wings Stretching” to form a “three-axis, two-belt, multi-center” urban spatial layout structure to alleviate traffic congestion and realize urban comprehensive traffic and public Transport development strategy of the backbone line. Works on July 1, 2012 officially started, originally planned for December 30, 2016 officially opened.

Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Wang Shenzhen speed, creating a Shenzhen-based Beijing, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, the height of peace, the completion of the task is called impossible to complete – Shenzhen, Shenzhen and Shenzhen, – Shenzhen Universiade main venue “spring cocoon” construction, to ensure the Universiade opening ceremony held satisfactorily.

Shenzhen speed, Shenzhen height, Shenzhen efficiency, Shenzhen is the Chinese society to create a great spiritual wealth, is the great spiritual power of Chinese construction people. Friends in the community’s trust and concern to the BT way to undertake the Shenzhen Metro Line 9.

With the “Geological Museum,” the underground natural conditions and complex economic and social development environment overlay, so that Shenzhen has become one of the most difficult subway construction in China. Shenzhen Metro Line 9 to the west through the rubble reclamation and silt layer, the middle of the uneven weathering to go through the granite strata, the eastern section through the water-rich sand, broken fracture zone. 6 lines across the area under the 68 buildings, 7 under the existing subway and railway lines, 4 through the water body, under the viaduct to be viaduct overpass pile underpinning, in addition to facing overlapping tunnel, along a major risk Source, coordination and construction difficult, high project risk.

In order to strictly enforce the contract, the Chinese construction in Shenzhen incorporated an independent legal personality of the two permanent institutions in the construction of the South Investment Co., Ltd., responsible for the 9th line BT project construction of the whole process of all-round management. China Construction Bureau under the construction of a bureau, three innings, four innings, five innings, eight innings, transportation, installation, decoration eight engineering bureau and professional company concentrated elite troops into the 9 line construction. At the same time, China Construction Bank and China CITIC Bank and China Import and Export Bank of the syndicate, and the China Railway Tunnel Equipment and Liaoning North Heavy Industries, the famous shield manufacturers to establish strategic alliances for the 9th line construction has laid a solid capital and large equipment base.

After the commencement of the project, as the world’s top 500 Chinese construction equipment advantages, put into the Shenzhen Metro Line 9 project. The company’s more than 20 sets of shield machine quickly assembled in place, along the battlefield, go hand in hand. Centralized management advantages, unified coordination across the board, up and down linkage, horizontal management to the side, vertical in the end, without leaving any dead ends. Focus on personnel advantages, the Chinese building system-wide mobilization familiar with the subway construction management personnel, technical personnel to focus on the Shenzhen Metro Line 9 project on the key point, the organization advantage team tackling tough. Focus on the advantages of scientific and technological innovation group, to the quality of scientific and technological innovation, to time. Line 9 in Shenzhen in the construction of the three subway in the most complex process, the shortest duration, the difficulty of construction. In the 9th line construction process, the Chinese construction has developed a built-in chute technology, laying damping track bed technology, installation of roller system with the curved tip rail turnout technology more than 20 technology innovation. Play construction workers in China in particular combat style advantage, the key nodes in the labor competition, focus assault rush time.

Ultimately, the Chinese construction to overcome the difficulties of the domestic subway construction rare, not only some of the block due to demolition hampered delayed about half a year to grab back, and two months in advance to achieve opening to traffic operations. China Building, the world’s top 500 enterprises in the top 30 enterprises in the Shenzhen Metro Line 9 BT project once again to create the subway construction of the “Shenzhen speed” to the world once again proved that the great power of the central enterprises extraordinary strength.