International Public Art Week

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International Public Art Week

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The second Beacon Hill International Public Art Week in Shenzhen Beacon Hill Park has opened. It is reported that this Beacon Hill International Public Art Week has five sections: two international performances, a special exhibition, an international escort shenzhen exchange, a time dating, two special plans X two artistic transformation projects. Importantly, these performances and exhibitions all free of charge, the public friends can go to the scene to watch.

From Poland, Tuva Republic and other countries of the avant-garde artists came to the Beacon Hill, for public art performances. Activities From October 28 to November 4 (this Friday), regardless of the elderly, children or urban youth and other social groups, can be in this art week to find their own fun. It is understood that this event by the Futian District, cultural and sports undertakings to promote the development of special funds to sponsor, Futian District, Shenzhen Huafu Street office as a guide unit, Shenzhen Ming Festival Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Sen Zhe Culture Communication Co., unit.

 Highlights: a rare music and dance performances
On the evening of the 29th, “I am a Lonely Soul” by the known as the “extreme voice experimenter” Sainkho Namtchylak with the improvised way to improvise, combined with Dickson Dee to DJ culture-oriented electronic music, Milosh Luczynski To bring the visual effects, to make a very interesting music dialogue.

 Sainkho’s nomadic song, distant, cool, dressed in white and white scarf, she deduced a lonely sound exploration, accompanied by radio frequency rhythm, slowly emerging earth and candlelight projection, her every A gesture is like telling the ancient times.

  The audience was deeply touched by this form of interpretation never touched, when Sainkho bowed to the end of the performance several times, the audience applause prolonged. If there are a thousand people in the eyes of a thousand Hamlet, I believe in the presence of every audience, the interpretation of this show are not the same, this is the art of great and wonderful place.

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