Shenzhen Park construction

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Shenzhen Park construction

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Park construction as an important indicator of livable city, has become the city’s special environmental soft power, is also an important livelihood projects. Yesterday morning, Mayor Xu Qin hosted a special meeting to study the deployment of the city’s theme shenzhen escort park planning and construction work. Xu Qin stressed that the planning and construction of the theme park is the implementation of the Sixth Party Congress established efforts to build a modern internationalization of innovative city an important measure. Shenzhen quality, Shenzhen standards, innovative ideas, broaden horizons, the international advanced experience and the combination of the actual characteristics of Shenzhen to speed up the planning and construction of a number of cultural connotation, highlight the city theme park, promote ecological civilization and green development, Reform and development achievements more and better benefit all the people, to further enhance the city’s core competitiveness and sustainable development capacity.

In recent years, Shenzhen is actively building a “park city”, the city is currently completed all kinds of parks 911, the park is one of the largest cities, the establishment of the “natural park – city park – community park” three park system, To see the green, 500 meters to see the park “to meet the public to enjoy the green benefits, to carry out recreational leisure basic needs, a good ecological environment has become Shenzhen to attract high-end talent, enhance urban competitiveness soft power core elements.

“As a green low-carbon young city, Shenzhen Park construction has to mention the quality, the development of characteristics of the stage.” Xu Qin said that the construction of the park is an important part of the construction of ecological civilization is the green low-carbon development concept of concrete practice, it is an important carrier of people’s livelihood, to stand ecological civilization, build a beautiful Shenzhen strategic height, The theme park’s leap development. To Shenzhen quality, Shenzhen standards throughout the theme park planning and construction of the various links and the whole process, and comprehensively enhance the level of design and construction quality; to learn from international advanced city experience, innovative ideas, broaden horizons, and strive to achieve the leading concept, leading design To show the humanistic care, to carry historical memory, to expand the service function, to better meet the needs of the masses of the people; to give full play to the advantages of Shenzhen’s natural ecology, to reduce the artificial carving, to achieve harmony between man and nature.

It is reported that the future of Shenzhen will be closely around the city of Shanhai, Pioneer City, innovation and development, the world Huacheng, spatial integration and other directions, focusing on coastal characteristics, rural experience, ecological restoration, historical memory, science and technology innovation, city integration, art and design, Fashion sports, children’s play and other themes, to create a flexible combination of diverse performance and performance characteristics of the theme park system. Before the end of this year, the city will start the international friendly city parks, space parks and a number of characteristics of the theme park planning and construction.

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