2016 Shenzhen International Leadership Summit

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2016 Shenzhen International Leadership Summit

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2016 Shenzhen International Leadership Summit and BT Biological / Life Health Industry Exhibition held in Shenzhen today. The summit to “develop a shenzhen escort green economy, create a better life” as its theme, inviting the industry’s big coffee sitting pontificating, the exhibition will be through exhibitions, high-end forum, investment and financing project matchmaking, health talks, network support and other forms of professional activity, polymerization industry resources to promote industrial takeoff.

Since 2012, Shenzhen has held for four consecutive exhibition and two biological BT Shenzhen International Leadership Summit. The summit is expected to converge nearly 100 domestic and foreign well-known experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to attend. Among them, a professor at Stanford University, American Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Sciences and Humanities Shi Dingxiao Patel, the German Academy of Sciences Hans Li Weiqi, a tenured professor, Institute of Cancer Sciences, National University of Singapore, New Zealand and the Royal Academy of Sciences Peter Roby MIT and director of Institute of brain Science, national Academy of Sciences, Robert Desimone and other 22 foreign guests will attend BT Leadership Summit.

In addition, the current BT leaders summit guests included seven academicians, namely laser medical experts, Chinese Academy of Sciences Gu Ying, professor of Tianjin University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Yao Quan, vice president of Sichuan University, Chinese Academy of Shiwei in full, Tiantan hospital chief of neurosurgery, Jizong Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese PLA General hospital Chief physician, Chinese Academy of Engineering Gao Changqing, director of Peking University, Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhan Qimin, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine first Affiliated hospital, Professor, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Shi Xuemin.

The guests will discuss all aspects of the keynote speech, dialogue and high-end professional forums like the hot issues of industrial development, to carry out academic exchanges, policy research and industrial cooperation.

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