Shenzhen garbage classification public service alliance

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Shenzhen garbage classification public service alliance

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Yesterday afternoon, the Urban Management Bureau of Municipal Solid Waste Classification Management Center (hereinafter referred to as the classification center) together Crystal News, organized by the city’s environmental protection organizations exchange forum, and the Shenzhen . The meeting announced the 13 public welfare organizations and classification centers, Jing Bao jointly launched the Shenzhen Waste Classification Public Service Alliance was set up to consider the adoption of the garbage land, Shenzhen, more beautiful joint proposal.

In recent years, the city a lot of public welfare organizations to actively join the garbage classification, made a significant contribution. But because of the establishment of a short time, their own power is limited, often encounter a lack of space, lack of funds, lack of resources and other difficulties, with everyone dispersed, Based on the above factors, the classification center decided to work with Jingbao, 13 joint charity organizations jointly launched the establishment of the Shenzhen garbage classification public service alliance to integrate public interest organizations, the formation of cluster strength, large-scale promotion of waste escort shenzhen separation activities, but also for the government substantive support Public interest organizations to create a relatively smooth pipeline platform.

Yang Lei, deputy director of City Urban Management Bureau expressed support for the Coalition. He said that the purpose of the establishment of public interest alliance is to create a linkage platform to achieve the government and public interest organizations complement each other, hand in hand; specific methods, the hands of the Urban Management Bureau of resources to the maximum open to public organizations, according to the actual situation, Efforts to provide activities venues, office space, and financial support.