Science and Technology Television weeks at Shenzhen

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Science and Technology Television weeks at Shenzhen

Science and Technology Television weeks, which is attractive to the city of Shenzhen dictates. Shenzhen technology atmosphere, many innovative entrepreneurial firms. Shenzhen from the development process point of view, we can say, innovation has become the DNA of the city. And one of innovation and technological progress is the important factor. It can be said that science and technology Television weeks deep, real natural fit! Events can take advantage of the Shenzhen side of innovation and open nature of the city, the use of scientific and technological innovation Shenzhen companies get together the advantages, to expand domestic and foreign film weeks in influence; Shenzhen you can use technology to introduce the latest technology Television Week, through further communication participants improve the city’s scientific research strength, and improve the scientific literacy of citizens in the city to promote scientific knowledge. Science and Technology Television weeks deep, a real win-win-setting effort!

In seven days, the people of Shenzhen escorts deep level will show the latest achievements of Shenzhen Innovation, close contact for the public. Mentioned scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprises, many people first reaction was Huawei, ZTE, Tencent and other “old” famous enterprises, everyone knows, Shenzhen now has more innovative companies, Dajiang UAV, Melodies of robots , these high technological content of the company’s products, not under any “old” famous enterprises. In recent years, Shenzhen innovative entrepreneurial firms have sprung up, the Shenzhen economic strength and scientific research strength manifestation, the Shenzhen municipal government to vigorously promote innovation and entrepreneurship, the inevitable outcome.

Of course, the research capacity of a city, in addition to the emphasis on top-down, bottom-up also need to accumulate. People, especially students’ scientific literacy higher accumulation thicker role in promoting urban research capacity is greater. From this point, Shenzhen with the international advanced cities such as New York and Tokyo, the gap is still relatively large.

Science is the ladder of human civilization, is the decisive force for social and economic development. To some extent, the scientific quality of the people level, directly determine the national quality level. States have recognized that the focus on improving the scientific literacy of students of the humanities rather than the culture examination machine is power in the contemporary benefit future generations of matter, and to take a number of measures practices. Shenzhen in this regard as obvious, the overall quality of students in Shenzhen forefront of the country, but to compete with the advanced international city, efforts need to continue.

The Science and Technology Week and the China International Science and Education Film and television production ‘annual meeting, Hyun in science and technology, aimed at science and education. As the focus of this year’s National Science Popularization Day activities, science and technology week in addition to film and television showcasing the latest technology to achieve the intention of cooperation in scientific research, but also shoulder the popularization of scientific knowledge, raise public scientific literacy task.

Of course, raise public scientific literacy does not depend on a seven-day event will be able to do. The event is just a prelude, if ignited scientific enthusiasm of the public mind, to promote education reform in Shenzhen on science education, to further build a culture of innovation, innovation and active atmosphere, to enhance the scientific quality, then city manager introduced vain Television a painstaking week.

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