Shenzhen becomes the third largest national financial center

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Shenzhen becomes the third largest national financial center

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On November 4, the CDI (China Shenzhen) released the 8th China Financial Center Index (CDI CFCI). The index uses the financial industry performance, the strength of financial institutions, financial market size and financial environment of the four major areas of 85 indicators of comprehensive evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of the development of China’s financial center, dynamic reflection of China’s financial center construction of the latest progress. Shenzhen for the eighth time was named after Shanghai and Beijing’s third largest national financial center.

The scope of evaluation of CDI · CFCI covers China’s 31 financial center cities, including three national financial centers and 28 regional financial centers in the six economic escort shenzhen regions. The scores of 31 financial centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Xi’an were the highest in the five cities with the highest scores. Both comprehensive strength and development speed, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, the three major national financial center relative to other regional financial centers have maintained an absolute leading position.

Among the 31 financial centers in China, Shenzhen ranked third in comprehensive competitiveness, with the financial market ranking second, financial industry performance, financial strength and financial ecological environment continuing to consolidate the country’s third position. Industrial performance, although the Shenzhen region banking, insurance institutions, strength and degree of internationalization slightly inferior, but the value-added financial industry in Shenzhen three-year average growth rate of 13.93%, higher than Beijing and Shanghai, and securities institutions superior strength , The total size of securities companies ranked first in the country.

It is reported that the eighth CDI · CFCI research shows that China’s financial center in the new financial and economic situation, a series of new features, including the financial center construction has become an important driving force for economic growth, the financial center construction “free trade area effect” Began to show that the financial center to accelerate the development of science and technology to play a leading role in financial innovation, innovation and development of the insurance industry to promote the role of the financial center.

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