The 4th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition

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The 4th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition

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The 4th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition will be held on June 6th. The theme of this exhibition is “Design and Connection”, which will show more than 6,000 visitors from more than 30 countries and regions including China, the United States, Japan, Korea, Italy and Canada. Pieces of innovative design quality. At the same time, Achievo has set up a two-week exhibition area to showcase the achievements and cases of industrial design to boost scientific and technological innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading.

It is understood that the exhibition hall area of ​​15,000 square meters, to attract 234 global design innovation institutions exhibitors, focusing on intelligent hardware, wearable equipment, robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, virtual reality, open source, smart life, Platforms, accelerators, incubators and other areas of the latest design and technology.

Compared with the previous three design shenzhen escorts exhibition, the fourth design exhibition of a higher degree of internationalization, overseas design exhibition area compared with last year increased by 11%, reaching 75% of the museum. 234 exhibitors, overseas exhibitors 175, accounting for 75%.

In addition, this exhibition for the first time in the center of the exhibition area to set up a national double the main venue of the main venue of the week, focused on the show in 2016, the main venue of the two parts of the project, including an aerospace intelligent control aerial photography, optical peak Xiaoming laser micro- Investment, Lan Feng VR cameras. Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association, executive vice president and secretary-general Feng Changhong said that the purpose of this exhibition is to pass a message that innovative technology, innovative products and services, business model, are inseparable from the support of industrial design .

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