6,000 pieces of innovative designs show at Shenzhen

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6,000 pieces of innovative designs show at Shenzhen

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6, 2016 Fourth Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 2, the official opening. The total exhibition area is 15,000 square meters, with 234 well-known design institutes and enterprises exhibiting in China, the United States, Germany, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Japan. , South Korea, Italy, Canada, more than 30 countries and regions more than 6,000 pieces of innovative design quality.

Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition to the Internet, intelligent production, product innovation, data processing as the benchmark, bringing together the world’s top innovative design resources, this year will bring 22 new global design platform and release. Achieve the “material – material” associated, to speed up China’s manufacturing 2025, through the public platform, the design innovation forum under the Internet of Things era and other carriers and activities, to promote the traditional manufacturing industry to information technology, intelligent forward, sharing; And the practice of industry 4.0.

Compared with the previous three design exhibition, the fourth design exhibition of a higher degree of internationalization, overseas design exhibition area compared with last year increased by 11%, reaching 75% of the museum. 175 overseas exhibitors, accounting for 75%.

It is worth mentioning that this year’s shenzhen escorts exhibition closely follow the virtual reality boom, set AR / VR interactive experience area, exhibition on the “black technology” dazzling. Shenzhen AR / VR field of outstanding engineers and programmers will gather at the scene to lead the audience to experience intelligent video glasses GOOVIS, capture the world’s highest speed, highest accuracy, the lowest delay optical motion capture device RTS, tactical backpack FirePack, VR And students of small house S2 binocular camera, P3 720 panoramic camera and other high-tech virtual reality products.

In addition to professional, high-end, international, this year’s exhibition is also the first time set up between the studio, inviting high popularity “net red” live broadcast platform in real-time showcase the situation. In addition, this exhibition for the first time in the center of the exhibition area to set up a national double the main venue of the main venue of the week, focused on the show in 2016, the main venue of the project two weeks, including an electric air control aerials UAV, optical peak Xiaoming laser micro Investment, Lan Feng VR cameras.

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