“Virgo” deployment of Shenzhen

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“Virgo” deployment of Shenzhen

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Yesterday, Star Cruises “virgin” from Shenzhen Shekou Prince Edward Bay cruise home port of voyage, and held a grand sailing ceremony to celebrate the “Virgo” to create a home port of Shenzhen cruise routes, officially unveiled the new era of the cruise ship in Shenzhen Chapter. From now on, “Virgo” launched six days and five nights route, visit Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang, to lead visitors to a world-class cruise destination.

Star Cruises Helps Develop Cruise Industry in

Shenzhen Port of Prince Edward Bay Cruise Port as the first wholly-owned investment in Shekou, the home port of the cruise project is currently the only dock can be 220,000-ton cruise ship world-class cruise terminal. Star Cruises will be the most popular in southern China’s current cruise – “Virgo” deployment to the Shenzhen Bay as the home port of Prince Edward, with its highly respected operating experience in the industry and solid strength, and with the modernization of equipment and supporting sound Port-au-Prince cruise terminal, to build a “terminal consumer circle.” At the same time, will also promote the cruise economy and related industries in Shenzhen, help enhance the Gulf of Prince Edward “international gateway” influence, together to create high-end cruise industry in Shenzhen eco-circle, for more Pearl River Delta travelers’ Quality cruise experience at the door.

“New freedom, you decide” brand-new concept to create a new cruise experience

Star Cruises has always been committed to providing the best quality of service and beyond the expectations of visitors. To this end, Star Cruises devaluation of the “new freedom by you,” the concept of cruise tourism, to bring this innovative city of Shenzhen. Abandon the traditional cruise shenzhen massage activities, “Virgo” in Shenzhen will open a different cruise games are played, so that visitors according to their own preferences to design the most suitable for their cruise holiday. As a leader in the industry, Star Cruises is pleased to bring cruise ship 4.0 times a new concept for the people of Shenzhen to enjoy a comprehensive upgrade of the cruise, free to create the most memorable journey.

The new concept will be launched from the first day of the voyage, allowing passengers to make their own arrangements for all catering, entertainment, retail, beauty and massage, as well as shore sightseeing experience. Enjoy your own journey and enjoy the full freedom and freedom , Use the amount of consumption on board, to create a completely personal experience of pleasure at sea.

From November 13 until the end of the year, Virgo will carry out five-day voyages to Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang in Vietnam, as well as a weekend voyage in Hong Kong designed to allow more Shenzhen citizens to experience the cruise. Star “will add two major destinations in Danang and Halong, focusing on the operation of Vietnam’s four-night and five-night voyage, led the people of Shenzhen and the region,” the door “departure, eliminating the traditional way of traveling travel fatigue, Vietnam to achieve the depth of the four ace scenic spots.

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